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Tips On Keeping Your Garbage Disposal In Tip Top Shape

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

- Some things are better left in the trash and not the sink. These things can cause damage to your disposal: Coffee Grounds, Potato & Carrot Peelings, Egg Shells and Cooking Greese.

-Run cold water everytime you run your garbage disposal to prevent overheating and to aid in the disposal of the waste. Turn the garbage disposal off before the water and let the water run for 10-15 more seconds after shutting down your disposal.

- Once the grinding noice stops while you are using your garbage disposal, let it run for 5 more seconds. This prevents the blades from stopping prematurely and ensures that the waste will be properly disposed of.

- To remove waste buildup, throw in a few ice cubes while you are running your gabage disposal every so often.

- Once a week toss in a orange or lemon peel and run your disposal for at least 10 seconds to help odors and clean your disposal.

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Laurie Czymbor
Laurie Czymbor
Jan 18, 2021

Great Tips!

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