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Our Approach to Written Estimates: Ensuring Fairness for All


At Maximum Flush Sewer and Drain, we take a slightly different approach to providing estimates. Instead of offering free estimates, we charge a nominal service fee for detailed, written estimates. This policy is designed with fairness and transparency in mind, serving a dual purpose:

Credited Service Fee: The service charge for the written estimate is not an additional cost but an investment in your project. If you decide to proceed with us and the job is performed within 30 days of receiving your estimate, this fee will be fully credited towards the total cost of the job. This means that the charge for the estimate effectively becomes part of your investment in the service we provide, ensuring that you don't pay extra for the preparation work involved in creating a detailed and accurate estimate.

Preventing Hidden Costs: Our approach to charging for written estimates is also a strategic measure to keep overall costs fair for all our customers. By implementing a nominal fee for estimates, we avoid the common practice of indirectly passing on the costs of free estimates to other customers through higher service prices. This method ensures that only those receiving the direct benefit of the estimate contribute to its cost, maintaining lower and more transparent pricing for everyone in the long run.

We believe this approach strikes the right balance between providing value to our customers and maintaining a transparent, fair pricing model that benefits everyone. By choosing Maximum Flush Sewer and Drain, you're partnering with a company that prioritizes integrity and fairness, from our initial estimate process to the final delivery of our services.

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